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Windshield Replacement Services near Bonney Lake, WA

Having chips or cracks in your windshield is an eyesore. Not only do they look bad, but they can also be a major safety hazard. For yours and other drivers’ safety, don’t take the risk. Get a windshield replacement in Bonney Lake, WA, from Five Star Auto Glass. Our certified auto glass replacement experts will have a new windshield installed in no time, so you can drive safely on the road.

All of our windshield replacement technicians are NGA and SIKA certified and they have received the best, most up-to-date trainings out there. Additionally, our technicians have a minimum of 15 years experience, so you know you’re in good hands. We’ll guarantee you get the best windshield replacement services near Bonney Lake, WA.

Come in to Five Star Auto Glass for our no-hassle, effective windshield glass replacement services with high-quality results. Because the automotive industry is changing consistently, we keep our methods and practices up-to-date and use the latest tools when we’re on the job. Along with our first-rate windshield replacements, we pride ourselves on customer service. Your satisfaction is our top priority; that is why all our windshield replacements are backed with a lifetime guarantee warranty.

Why Five Star Auto Glass?

Windshields have become more integral to vehicles than you might think. If your windshield hasn’t been installed correctly – not put into place the right way or glued down – it can pop out during a collision; this is a major safety hazard to you and other drivers. Believe it or not, the windshield also provides structural support to your vehicle; if your windshield isn’t installed correctly then the roof of your car is much more susceptible to collapsing under the right amount of impact.

If you have a crack or a chip in your windshield, this is also a safety risk. Standard windshields are made from two transparent pieces of glass glued together with vinyl resin; it’s the vinyl resin that keeps the pieces of glass together and prevents the windshield from shattering during a collision. So if the safety layer of resin is chipped or cracked, then your windshield could be in worse shape. At Five Star Auto Glass, we know the important features of windshields. You can trust our professionals to install your windshield correctly and make sure your new replacement is in the best condition before it’s placed on your vehicle.

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The safety of you and other drivers should always be a primary concern. It’s crucial to fix your windshield if it has been cracked or chipped – no matter the size. Get a quote for an affordable windshield replacement from Five Star Auto Glass today. We can give you a free estimate along with a 5% discount to any customer that mentions our website. Give us a call today from Bonney Lake, WA and ensure your safety with a professional windshield replacement.

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