Chipped Windshield Repairs For Federal Way, WA

Rock chips on a windshield pose a severe problem for you as a driver. It impedes your line of sight and can grow if not dealt with. If your car’s windshield has a chip, let the experts at Five Star Auto Glass repair it. Our top-rated auto glass services extend through the Federal Way, WA area. Each of our highly trained technicians is certified to proceed with the best windshield repairs that will keep you safe. We operate a mobile fleet that travels to you. Just let us know your location and we are on our way ready to fix your auto glass. Protect your car from further damage and have Five Star Auto Glass repair any scratches or chips.

Mobile Auto Glass Repairs

Five Star Auto Glass repairs chips and cracks on the front windshield as well as side and rear windows. Our mobile auto glass repair services ensure that any chips are fixed where your car is, promptly. Whether in your work parking lot or the driveway at home in Federal Way, our technicians will be there. Five Star Auto Glass’s affordable repairs are a convenience to your way of life. You save time and expense when we travel to you. Our efficient turnaround restores your windshield without disrupting your schedule. Let us repair your chipped auto glass.

Why Should I Repair My Auto Glass?

A rock chip may seem insignificant, especially if it is not in your line of sight. However, small chips or crack can quickly grow and spread across your windshield causing further damage and increasing the cost and extent of repair work needed. It is best to fix a chip as soon as you see it. Car windshields are comprised of dual layers of laminated glass with an air pocket between them. When the outer piece of glass is chipped, the air pocket is exposed allowing in water and air. As temperatures rise or drop the glass can expand or contract causing the chip to grow into cracks. When those cracks migrate across the glass, they obscure your field of vision, becoming a safety concern. Our sealing process eliminates the chip protecting your auto glass and passengers.

Contact Five Star Auto Glass

With over 15 years of experience in the auto glass industry, Five Star Auto Glass provides excellent service throughout the Federal Way, WA area. Our technicians are dedicated to providing you with a repaired windshield because your safety is our top concern. Don’t let a small chip become a spider web-like series of cracks across your windshield, call us today! We can be reached at 253-862-1118.

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