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5 Reasons to Replace Instead of Repair Your Windshield

Broken Windshield

It can happen to anyone. You’re driving down the highway, minding your business, when a loud smack startles you, and you see a crack in your windshield that wasn’t there a moment ago. Some cracks are small and barely noticeable, while others immediately spider out from the point of impact. You hope the crack can be repaired, but the best technicians recommend windshield replacement. Here are five reasons why:

1. Increase Safety with Windshield Replacement Service

Safety is the number one reason to replace a cracked windshield instead of trying to repair it. Once a windshield is cracked, the vibrations from the car as it drives down the road can cause the crack to worsen over time. The deeper and longer a crack becomes, the more susceptible it is to shattering. A windshield can protect you in a roll-over accident by helping to keep the car intact, but if the windshield is already compromised, it won’t be as effective.

2. Improve Visibility

Doesn’t it always seem like a windshield crack happens right in your line of sight? Another reason to replace instead of repair a cracked windshield is because a repair will still be visible and can inhibit your vision. You might be able to ignore a minor repair eventually, but it’s still a distraction, and a large one will undoubtedly get in the way. The worst case is that a crack can reflect the sun directly into your eyes and make you more prone to accidents.

3. Maintain the Value of Your Car

A cracked windshield will always lower the value of your car. Even if you get it repaired, you won’t get as much money if you want to trade it in, and many private buyers will want to offer less than they would for an uncracked windshield. Replacing a windshield may cost you some money upfront, but you’re far more likely to maintain the resale value of your car if you do. Check with your insurance company to see if a windshield replacement is covered under your policy.

4. Prevent Legal Issues

You can get a traffic ticket for driving around with a cracked windshield in many states. Federal law prohibits driving with cracks that are larger than 3/4 of an inch in diameter, two or more cracks within three inches of one another, cracks that intersect, and cracks that are directly in the view of the driver. States can expand these laws and determine the penalty for violations. Especially if you plan to drive in a state with very restrictive laws for driving with a cracked windshield, it’s best to replace it.

5. Save Money Long-Term

Finally, simply replacing a cracked windshield will save you money in the long run. A repair can continue to cause you problems. It might worsen, and you’ll have to do more repairs. It could contribute to a driving violation or an accident, and then you’ll have legal fees. Instead, pay one time for a new windshield and drive worry-free.

If you have a cracked windshield, call Five Star Auto Glass for windshield installation in Bonney Lake, WA, and get your windshield replaced quickly and safely.

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