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Can Winter Weather Affect Your Windshield

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Winter is a challenging season and it can be easy to overlook your windshield when preparing your car for the colder months. Understanding the effects winter can have and the importance of maintaining your windshield is essential. Ice and extra moisture can reduce visibility and make your windshield crack. We know the winter effects at Five Star Auto Glass and are here for you when you need a windshield replacement or repair.

Factors for Windshield Replacement

Several elements during the winter can contribute to damage to your windshield. The glass can expand and contract with various temperature changes. For instance, if your windshield is icy, sudden hot air from the heat in your car can cause the glass to crack and compromise the integrity of your vehicle. Your windshield can suffer damage from using improper tools to clear away ice from the surface. When your windshield cracks and is beyond a simple repair, a windshield replacement is necessary to keep your vehicle in safe operating condition.

Reasons for Auto Glass Repair

Cold weather can cause even the most minor cracks in your windshield to become more significant. When water creeps into the cracks and crevices and freezes, it expands and forces the glass apart. Damage in your windshield can compromise your visibility and safety and is a danger to you and others on the road. You can also receive a traffic citation if your windshield appears to have too much damage. When you notice defects in your windshield during the winter, schedule a repair immediately and avoid having a total windshield replacement.

Options for Windshield Replacement

There can be times when unavoidable winter elements like a fallen tree branch or other debris cause enough damage that you cannot operate your vehicle. If this is the case, our mobile service can come to you in Bonney Lake and install a new replacement. Whether it is your primary windshield, side or rear window, we have options for any car make and model that will fit your budget. At Five Star Auto Glass, our specialists can get you quickly back on the road.

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